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                   SUMMER CLASSES START JUNE 7, 2021

                FALL SCHEDULE AVAILABLE JUNE 21, 2021

Quality Dance Lessons at Reasonable Rates

📞  231-638-7542

Dance Tuition Prices and Fees

Lakeshore Academy of the Arts offers classes at 2 different locations. Classes are available in Spring Lake and North Muskegon. 

Fees are as follows:

              • 30 Minute Class:  $40.00/Month 
              • 40 Minute Class:  $50.00/Month
              • 50 Minute Class:  $60.00/Month
              • 75 Minute Class:  $75.00/Month
              • 30-Minute Private Lesson: $100.00/4 Weeks
              • 60-Minute Private Lesson: $175.00/ 4 Weeks
              • 60-Minute Group Lesson: $10.00 per Person/10 Person Minimum
              • Choreographed Routine: Flat Rate: $250.00 (Includes: Music at 2.5 Minutes, 4 Hours)

Registration Fee: $20.00 per Student, Not to Exceed $40.00 per Family

Discounts: 10% for 2 or More Classes or Siblings, 15% for 3 or More Classes or Siblings

Costumes prices: Dance Recital Budget per Class:

                      • Preschool-$40.00
                      • Kinder Dance-$55.00
                      • All Others-$60.00

*Tuition is based on a 9-month dance year and is divided into monthly payments for your convenience.

*There are no discounts for competition classes. Only one discount will apply(either multi-class or sibling).

Just a reminder that during inclement weather, please tune in to WZZM TV 13, 

Fox 17, Facebook, and online for updates on closings!

Anyone interested in our dance programs must first go through the Academy. You may do so by submitting the completed registration form with the $20.00 nonrefundable registration fee.

Please make sure that the registration form includes the class/location you select, the policies/procedures form, photo release and automatic payment consent form if you plan on paying with a credit/debit card

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